Shot gun fungus or Artillery fungus (Sphaerobulus stellatus) What is it?

Is a spore that explodes sticky black balls several feet from wood mulch on the ground. It sticks to just about everything and is something that generally not removed with soft washing your house. There is no perfect way to remove the spores completely that we know of. 

What is oxidation?

Oxidation on siding is a natural process that occurs when the chemicals in siding are exposed to oxygen and dirt. It's a common problem with vinyl siding, especially when it's exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Oxidized siding can appear dull, faded, and chalky, and it can create an uneven look to your home. 

You can check for oxidation by running a wet finger over a dry section of siding. If your finger comes away with a chalky residue, your siding has oxidized. Oxidation can also appear as a film or haze, but mold and mildew can sometimes hide it. It can be more noticeable in the morning when dew clings to the siding. Let us remove the oxidation for you.

The types of stains we can remove or dull.

Rust stains can be caused by a lot of things but typically it is caused by iron oxide. We have removed rust stains on vinyl siding, concrete, and wood with success. 

Oil stains can be tricky but the sooner you can get it cleaned the less of the impact of the stain. We use house degreasers and 200 degree heat to give the best fighting chance.

Paint stains or overspray can be removed most of the time depending on the surface please contact us to help come up with a strategy for your situation. 

Flower pots can stain concrete and wood most of the time we can remove these stains.

Leaf stains on concrete are left by tannins in plants. We use house chemicals to remove the stains quickly.